NTS: Wonderful Waste – Architects Make Furniture From Building Waste

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Inspired by her time working in India, architect Clare Kennedy has based her design & practice around one Gandhi principle, build with materials in a Five Mile Radius. It’s led her to seek out salvaged materials like leftover concrete and rotten power poles, and alongside a collective of like minded designers, carpenters, and makers they’ve developed zero-footprint product lines and practical architect and design solutions that keep waste out of landfill. Developing new ways to build our homes, and the things that fill them, more sustainably; for everything from individual homes, to cafes, breweries and skyscrapers.

Supported by Screen Australia

Five Mile Radius – https://www.fivemileradius.org/
Clare Kennedy – @five_mile_radius

Produced by New Mac Video Agency
Directed by: Colin Chee
Producer: Luke Clark
Cinematographer: Simon Davies
Editor: Jessica Ruasol

00:00 Introduction
00:29 Turning Concrete into Tables
06:12 The NTS Guide to Your Living Room
06:47 Turning Power Poles into Furniture
08:41 FIRE!
09:42 Sprinkler Pipes for Furniture Legs
10:45 Building Restoration


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