New York’s sonidero community and the unifying power of dance with Jacob’s Pillow

Director Leo Aguirre spotlights New York’s sonidero community, and the transcendental power fueling unification through dance

Celebrating artists breaking cultural barriers in dance – in partnership with Jacob’s Pillow, home to America’s longest running international dance festival.

For those who find unity in its spaces, sonidero is escapism. Born in the barrios of Mexico City, these lo-fi celebrations of dance and music offer a passage to transcendental experience for the communities they serve, through the sounds of cumbia, salsa, guaracha, bachata and their ever-evolving subgenres. As ritualistic spaces, sonideros have become a unifier for all ages, sexualities, and nationalities traversing the length of Latin America, threading a connection to the traditions of home for the New York diaspora, and Mexican immigrant communities across the USA…read more on


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