NEVER TOO SMALL: Easy, Breezy, Adaptable Small Apartment – Poland 32sqm/344sqft

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Designed by Pigalopus architects to appear bigger than it is, but remain flexible to the owners needs, Lwowska 32sqm apartment is a breezy home for two and their dog. Located in Krakow close to the city centre, it sits within a developing neighbourhood, with large windows allowing a plentiful amount of sunlight into the home. To maintain this, the existing floor plan was unchanged, and instead flexible, movable furniture was added to the exterior walls, and a floor to ceiling bookshelf created to form a divider between sleeping, work and living spaces. With a projector screen hidden above it, and storage accessible from both sides, this unit functions as both general storage, TV unit and bedside table. Raising the bed itself also allows for additional storage underneath. In keeping with the flexible concept, the lighting is all installed on rails so it can be moved and added to as needed. In designing the home, Pigalopus fully embraced its future use, allowing it to be easily customised for its next owners.

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Eps 115
Project Name: Lwowska

Produced by New Mac Video Agency
Creator: Colin Chee
Director: Nam Tran
Cinematographer: Slick Visuals
Producer: Lindsay Barnard
Editor: Sebastian Tibbs
Music: Rise by Sean Williams, Alyssum by Adi Goldstein


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