NEVER TOO SMALL: Compact Taipei Mezzanine Apartment 28sqm/301sqft

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Set in one of the oldest urban areas of Taipei city and inspired its traditional colours, the team at Republic Design have created a warm and elegant space using tones of earthy reds, grays, and light oak wood. The main design idea was to reduce the walking pathways and partitions between areas in order to create a more open fluid space. Moving the TV, dining, and kitchen areas along the one wall, separating and cleverly concealing the bedroom and bathroom, created a single long pathway in the middle of the apartment. The wall also contains a number of clever, custom made storage solutions including a utility brick wall with pieces that can open and fold up as needed as well as a compact foldable dining table. A mezzanine level, which doubles as a guest room and extra storage, was added to the kitchen ceiling and is accessed via a compact foldable staircase hidden in the ceiling.

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Project Name: Taipei’s Compact Apartment Conversion

Produced by New Mac Video Agency
Creator: Colin Chee
Director/Camera Operator: Alek Vatagin / T-Media Production
Producer: Lindsay Barnard
Editor: Yasmin Bright/Jess Ruasol
Music: Diagrammatic by Oliver Michael


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