Negative Space in Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse #2/365 Days of Creativity

Negative Space can be a great design asset, find out how to utilize it! No matter what your creative passion is this piece of theory can come in very handy! Stay creative!

Today we would like to show you how to use negative space in Illustrator within a type based logo design! This time-lapse Illustrator tutorial walks you through the process of manipulating type to make great use of negative space and you can use it in logo design or for branding.

Logo’s and wider design work in Adobe Illustrator which make good use of negative space appear well thought through and incredibly professional. We want to help you understand the principles of this theory in this creative inspiration so you can apply it to your future design projects or branding.

Remember to check back tomorrow! If you miss a few days don’t worry, keep an eye on our playlists to find monthly roundups of our 365 tutorials.

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