My TOP 5 Actions for 2020 Workflow | Adobe Illustrator

Improve your workflow with automated actions in Illustrator, heading into 2020. I have 5 actions that you will want to consider and maybe implement into your workflow, that will save you heaps of time as a graphic designer when using this software.

There are quite a few actions I can think of, but for todays tutorial in Illustrator CC 2020, I have chosen 5 of the main actions I feel you need to automate within the actions panel. They will surely help your Illustrator workflow, if you’re a logo designer, illustrator, or anything else you can use Adobe Illustrator for. I feel they will make great assets within your workflow, and I’m glad to be able to share them with everyone. I didn’t use Illustrator actions for the longest time, up until maybe 3-4 years ago. But after getting accustomed to the process and understanding how they are created, I have never looked back, and my workflow has been changed dramatically.

But let me know what you thought of todays Illustrator tutorial heading into 2020. Would you add in different automated actions, or do you feel the 5 I have shared are effective and useful? I’d love to hear your thoughts down below in the comment section.
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