MVS Proseminar: Alison Kobayashi

Kismet in the archive: A.S.M. Kobayashi on research based practice

A.S.M. Kobayashi dives into the research process behind her performance, Say Something Bunny! based on a found wire recording from the 1950s. The one-woman show annotates, illustrates, and reconstructs the scenes of the recording, while revealing the stranger-than-fiction biography of the eldest son, David, who made the wire recordings. Using video, installation, performance and plentiful archival material, Kobayashi leads the audience through a close listening, spinning “a multigenerational yarn of Rothian heights.”

Tracing family history through bureaucratic documents: A.S.M. Kobayashi on new work Neon Electric Clock

A.S.M. Kobayashi’s understanding of her paternal family history was hazy, until she accessed a government document that contained transcripts, inventories and letters that revealed details of her grandparent’s relocation and dispossession during the second world war. Kobayashi shares her research path towards developing a new work based on this bureaucratic file.

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