Monet. Rouen Cathedral Series, 1892-4

Claude Monet​ painted more than 30 canvases depicting Rouen cathedral between 1892 and 1894. This video discusses the following four paintings in the collection
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of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris:

Rouen Cathedral (The Portal, Grey Weather),
1894, oil on canvas, 100 x 65 cm

Rouen Cathedral (The Portal and the Tour d’Albane, Morning Effect),
1894, oil on canvas, 106 x 73 cm

Rouen Cathedral (The Portal, Harmony in Blue),
1894, oil on canvas, 91 x 63 cm

Claude Monet, Rouen Cathedral (The Portal and the Tour d’Albane in the Sunlight), 1894, oil on canvas, 107 x 73 cm

Speakers: Drs. Beth Harris and Steven Zucker


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