Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil Review

Andrew over at Modern Fuel asked if I’d like to review a product of his. It’s a mechanical pencil with a number of upgrades from his first version. The big thing that sets this mechanical pencil apart from others on the market is that you can use the same metal body and simply switch out the interior mechanisms for a .5, .7 and .9 lead. Other pencil on the market don’t allow this that I’m aware. The pencil come is titanium, copper, stainless steel and bronze. Andrew sent me a stainless steel version. I watched Andrew’s video on taking it apart and putting it back together (I’ll add that link in the description) and it was easy for me to do the same. Anybody that watches my channel knows that number one, I love mechanical pencils (I happen to have one on the cover of my book and in my youtube logo), and number two, that I love to draw and do hand lettering. I used the .9 version to do a quick alphabet. The pencil feels nice in my hand, it’s a nice weight. Now just looking at, when Andrew first asked me to review the product, I thought it might slip through my index finger and thumb because of the lack of texturing in the metal where my fingers go, but it wasn’t an issue if it’s kept dry. So I might recommend that on later versions if I were to add anything to the product—however this might effect the minimal nature of the aesthetic that Andrew is working toward here. The pencil is all metal, including the interior mechanism so it’s kind of bulletproof. You can even swap out the eraser for a stylus tip or a metal one to keep the streamline design. The pencil’s is manufactured in Chicago and assembled in Austin, so it’s an all US product. All in all it’s a beautiful object that’s super functional for any architect, or anyone for that matter that uses a mechanical pencil. Thanks Andrew and I wish you all the best with your Kickstarter campaign and the very cool product.


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