Today we will be mixing blend layers in Photoshop with this kick-ass double exposure Photoshop effect that is not only simple to do, but which looks outstanding!! So if you want to know hot to mix blend layers or blend image layers stay tuned and master this double exposure image technique. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and to stay updated for future uploads. And be sure to catch the end of the video where I have a couple bonus effects for your double exposure image. So lets jump into this mixing blend layers Photoshop tutorial.

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I had a few requests based on my last speed art video regarding how I created an effect on a poster, where I used Photoshop blend layers to create the artwork. Because I listen to my followers and viewers, I made this double exposure tutorial using Photoshop for you all and it is a great way to learn about blending layers in Photoshop and I think a slow easy to follow ‘blend Photoshop layers how to’

In this mixing blend layers in Photoshop guide you will be using;
– layer masks
– the channels window
– selection tools
– desaturate tool
– getting to know the blending option of layers
– colour overlay
– and lens flares

You will be able to create double exposure images and graphic design double exposure artwork after watching my Photoshop tutorial. Mixing blend layers with Photoshop is easy but it can be used in so many different ways.

To make the double exposure effect we must take a few steps in Photoshop, but they are not that difficult and to be honest you do not have to be an advanced user of Photoshop, but it may not be that easy for beginners. However, I make the tutorial very straight forward and do my best to show you how to make double exposure artwork in under 7 minutes, as well as a couple of bonus effects at the end! The double exposure effects by nature is mixing blend layers in Photoshop, and with this guide you can make your very own artwork.

I hope that at the end of this graphic design double exposure Photoshop tutorial that you are able to create some really cool artwork. If you find you have any issues about the steps or the video in general then please leave a comment. Also if you enjoyed the double exposure image tutorial then also let me know in the comment section! 🙂

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