MIMA Light is a small prefabricated house raised up from the landscape on a near-invisible base

The architects behind a prefabricated housing company have completed one of their smallest buildings so far – a cuboidal property that appears to hover above a grassy Portuguese landscape.

MIMA Light is the most simple of the building models offered by the MIMA House brand, established by architects Mário Sousa and Marta Brandão to offer affordable high-quality homes that are quick and easy to manufacture.

Available in a variety of sizes and colours, this house comprises a simple rectangular block. Its most unusual feature is a mirrored base, designed to create the impression that the building is floating above the ground.

“MIMA Light is the ultimate achievement in modular construction, combining an outstanding lightness with an iconic and minimal image,” explained the design team.

“This home seems to levitate above the ground due to the lining of the base with mirrors.”

The MIMA Light is a stripped-down version of this original house, more suited to an individual or a couple than a family. It is available in lengths of between seven and 12 metres.

Located in Portugal’s Viana do Castelo, this example is at the larger end of the scale, with an area of 30 square metres.

Offering various layouts, the building can function as a simple one-room home, or it can be divided up into separate living and sleeping areas. Alternatively, it could be used as an office or commercial space.

“MIMA Light is simple to produce and more practical to achieve than any other MIMA product,” said the team. “This module is completely produced and assembled in factory and then transported to the local site, ready to be implemented.”

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