Merging Agencies – Enriqueta Llabrés & Matias del Campo

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has allowed multiple sources of design and agency to be ‘compressed’ into algorithms that integrate novel or semi-novel products. In this lecture, Enriqueta Llabrés will discuss issues of authorship, responsibility and originality behind new forms of machine learning and deep learning while Matias del Campo will explore the synthesis of human ingenuity and AI as a design ecology.

Enriqueta Llabrés’ lecture, ‘Bending Architectural Thinking’, will present research work on emergent design methodologies derived from data-bending AI design models. The talk will question continuing adherence to the accepted understanding of architectural history and show how new forms of interaction between human and artificial thinking could unlock radical futures.

Matias del Campo’s lecture ‘Matter Ex Machina: Attempt of an Ontological interrogation of architecture and artificial intelligence’ will ask whether AI can create genuinely novel architectural solutions, or simply enhance human intelligence. The lecture will interrogate the ability of artists to invent genuinely new ideas, and compare them to solutions found by AI such as neural networks. Through this, the lecture will critically interrogate the ontological frame pertaining to material and symbolic cultures emerging from AI assisted architectural design.

Enriqueta Llabrés is an architect, TEDx fellow, Lecturer at The Bartlett, School of Architecture and Mittelsten Scheid Guest Professor at the University of Wuppertal. Along with Zachary Fluker she leads the research cluster RC18: Fab and Media Urbanism at The Bartlett. She is co-founder and director of Relational Urbanism Lab and LlabresTabony Architects.

Matias del Campo is an Associate Professor of Architecture at Taubman College, University of Michigan. He co-founded SPAN architects and was awarded the Young Talent Award for Experimental Tendencies in Architecture and the Rudolph Schindler Scholarship from the BMUKK.




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