Meet the RIBA China Member – Zhang Bing

As part of the celebration of RIBA China Architect 100, the Royal Institute of British Architects invites you to meet our members. Ten Chinese architects reveal their most recent projects, why they joined the RIBA, and discuss various topics relating to architecture.

Zhang Bing, the founder and chief architect of Hongshi Design, talks about his recent two projects Embassy of Azerbaijan in China and the renovation of an old circular house on the Central Axis of Beijing.

He also offers advice for those who want to be an architect: “To be a good architect, you need patience and peace of mind when you go through the whole process of a project, from the beginning to the completion. You become a real architect only after experiencing such a whole process several times. It is like planting seeds in spring and waiting until fall to harvest. You can indeed fertilise the crop or optimise the light environment to make plants grow faster, but if you want a better result, you must put in both effort and time.”

The RIBA China Architect 100 programme, launched in June 2020, invites Chinese architects to become part of RIBA’s global community by having their projects showcased online. The first RIBA China Architect 100 digital guide revealed outstanding projects from 100 Chinese architects.

To learn more about the RIBA China Architect 100 programme or download the publication, please visit:



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