MB-CO2 installation visualises internet's hidden impact on the environment

Dutch artist Thijs Biersteker has developed a machine that shows the emissions associated with everyday online activities from video chats and emails to trading NFTs as visible puffs of CO2.

The MB-CO2 installation consists of three monitors, each showing a different computer window from a Zoom call to a Spotify playlist.

These are hooked up to a mini-computer that uses an algorithm to calculate the emissions associated with each action in real-time and triggers the release of the corresponding amount of carbon dioxide gas into a spherical terrarium.

As the concentration of carbon dioxide in the miniature biotope rises, the plants begin to wilt and provide a visual metaphor for the impact that our internet use has on the planet at large.

“Sometimes making complex problems smaller and relatable helps us understand the bigger picture again,” Biersteker said. “The further we get removed from seeing the impact we make, the closer we get to the point that we stop caring.”

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