Master Your Creative Process— Become More Confident NAB Talk 2017

How can you gain more self confidence? Would having a creative formula or defined process help reduce the anxiety around being creative? How do you achieve a flow state? What is a flow state? How can I build greater self confidence?

This is a snippet of Chris Do’s talk at NAB 2017— Post Production World “Cultivating Creative Confidence”.

00:08 You need to have a process and formula for your creativity
00:25 There is a link between competency and mastery, & self-confidence
00:30 Having a consistent repeatable process leads to predictable results
01:40 Teach your creative formula in order to master it.
02:00 Building your creative formula.
02:08 Q: Where do you feel the most stimulated and creative?
02:20 Q: How do you come up with ideas?
02:26 Q: How do you judge good ideas from bad ones?
02:59 Q: With whom do you feel the most creative around?
03:24 Q: What conditions were present when you are in your flow state?
03:57 Flow is an optimal state of consciousness
04:36 Story Time – Self doubt kills confidence
05:42 The benefits of teaching. Why I teach.
06:19 Teaching expands your growth

This is the Futur of Education— Disrupting the design education paradigm.

Read “The Power of Self Confidence” by Brian Tracy

Steven Kotler “Flow State”

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