Master Class with Alessandro Poli

The scenario: today there are only two ways of being a person on Earth. You are either part of the network, constantly transmitting and receiving information and spreading your individuality like energy through a network of infrastructure that covers the entire Earth and can link everyone together in real time, or you live in the void, silently choosing not to connect and live instead in another way. Whichever side you are on, the others appear incomprehensible to you, and your way appears as the way of freedom, real community, and life.

Curiously, these two worlds meet in Montréal where an island stands between the two sides. The famous sphere of Buckminster Fuller was built here, and a new community is growing around it, of individuals looking for a different relation to technology, the Earth, and each other.

This video was produced during a collage workshop with the Italian architect Alessandro Poli. Organized in the context of the exhibition Scripts for a new world: Film storyboards by Alessandro Poli, with the participation of graduate students from l’Université de Montréal and l’UQAM.


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