Master advanced Adobe Illustrator vector painting techniques

What you think is an oil painting is anything but. Master illustrator, Orlando Arocena, uses basic tools and old school painting techniques to create amazing works of art! You won’t believe what he can do in under an hour, with beautiful vectors. Must see!

Orlando Arocena illustrates, using only vectors, for the largest entrainment companies in the world.

Chris Do sits down with master illustrator Orlando to talk about:
how do you paint with Illustrator, where do you find your inspiration and what it takes to be a master of Illustrator.

After the interview, Orlando leads us through a 45 min demo of painting in Illustrator.

Orlando’s posters:

02:34 Orlando Arocena @mexifunk –
04:12 How many projects have you posted on Behance?
05:30 How did you get started in illustration?
11:04 Orlando Arocena – Samples of his work
13:42 How would you describe what you do today?
14:05 How do clients normally find you?
15:01 How long does it take for you to do this work?
20:38 How do you sketch in illustrator?
21:40 Advanced adobe illustrator vector painting techniques
26:26 Are you using a Wacom pen and tablet?
32:44 Do you name all of your layers
34:13 How big are your illustrator files normally?
39:25 How much does it costs to hire you?
42:00 Do you have an illustration rep or agent?
44:59 Orlando creates illustrator vector painting in real time
46:05 Why do you work in CMYK?
1:02:18 What type of music do you listen to while working?
1:07:02 Do you typically work on a dark background or white background?
1:09:27 Who inspires you in your design?
1:16:27 How often do you use shortcuts?
1:23:46 How do you handle requests from clients to adjust the color palette?
1:29:11 What would you do if you’re stuck in a cookie cutter design agency?
1:48:03 How do you know when a work is done? Do you ever overwork something?
1:55:03 Closing Thoughts & Outro

Tools of the trade

Wacom Intuos Pro Pen – Medium
Imac – I7 Core

Show References

A.M. Cassandre

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Executive Producer– Chris Do
Host– Chris Do, Orlando Arocena
Director– Aaron Szekely
Cinematography– Aaron Szekely, Mark Contreras
Editor– Erica Pead
Show Open– Roy Kang
Futur Theme Music – Adam Sanborne
Annotations & SEO – Isaiah Nwukor
Typefaces: Futura, Din
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