Master Adobe Illustrator: 17 Pro Tips For Graphic Designers

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This video will demonstrate 17 pro techniques for Adobe Illustrator you can’t afford to ignore! These advanced techniques for designers in Adobe Illustrator are things that you probably don’t know, but you absolutely should for a successful career as a professional designer. Professional designers use these lesser-known techniques all the time, to make their work stand out and look more polished and professional. Now you can use them too!

0:00 Intro
0:17 Design technique 1
1:04 Design technique 2
2:01 Design technique 3
2:58 Design technique 4
3:25 Design technique 5
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5:27 Design technique 6
6:20 Design technique 7
7:15 Design technique 8
8:54 Design technique 9
9:39 Design technique 10
10:14 Design technique 11
12:02 Design technique 12
12:39 Design technique 13
13:29 Design technique 14
13:50 Design technique 15
14:29 Design technique 16
15:07 Design technique 17

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