MARINA DEL MÁRMOL: Architecture For Everyday People// 03.16.21

Marina del Mármol is an architect, born in and practicing in Spain. She graduated from ETSAM (2005), with an outstanding qualification, and obtained the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Architectural Projects in 2011. In 2000-2001, she studied in Holland, TUDelft. In 2006-2007, she collaborated in the Madrid Río project, aimed at reclaiming the Manzanares River by restoring the surrounding natural habitat – which opened to the public in 2015. Marina has taught architecture at the ETSAM with the Luis Fernández-Galiano Teaching Unit and classes on Interior and Industrial Design at the IED, as well as having coordinated workshops and conferences at different universities and professional forums. In 2015, she founded MARMOLBRAVO with Mauro Bravo, an architecture studio whose work has been recognized with eight top prizes in public and private collective housing competitions, and the Asprima 2013 and Life Challenge 66 awards for the best collective housing and the best European facade of the year 2014.