Man Walking Dog (Passive vs. Active?)

This morning I did a morning jaunt around my neighborhood.

As I was walking, I saw a man coming toward me walking two dogs.

The dogs were pulling at the leash, trying to sniff everything. You may have experienced this before.

They pulled toward the sidewalk, trying to smell the bushes.

When I walked past, they pulled toward me, trying to get a sniff.

As I was watching this, I had the thought, “Is the man walking the dogs, or are the dogs walking the man?”

If the dogs are walking the man, the man has little to no control over the journey or where he ends up.

He’s reacting to circumstances.

He might end up all the way across town where he doesn’t want to be.

Or he may end up in the park running after squirrels.

What I’d have you consider today is this: where in your business, your relationships, your health and fitness or your faith are the dogs walking you?

Where are you reacting to circumstances in your life instead of creating the circumstances that you want which lead you to where you want to go?

As you’ve read this parable, something may have come to mind.

Write it down, and figure out what you can do to fix it so you don’t end up across town or in the park chasing squirrels.

Carpe diem.



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