Making & Animating Logos – Part 2/2: The Adobe Fonts Show – Episode 21

Wait! I have a logo but what can I do with it on social? We say, “animated gifs!” This week, join us as Ben takes Ari’s real-life logo to create an animated gif to share on social.

In this episode you’ll learn:
– How to come up with initial animation ideas
– How simple animations have a big impact
– Basic animation in After Effects

This is part two of a series. Watch part one to see Ari create this logo from scratch!

Host Ben Welch is a Content Producer based in New York.

Host Ariadne Remoundakis is a lettering artist and Library Manager of Adobe Fonts based in San Francisco:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
2:45 Audience Poll
5:50 Browsing the Adobe Fonts Website
7:30 Talking About Creative Cloud Express
11:05 Showing Today’s Project
12:36 Creating a New Project in After Effects
15:55 Creating a Timeline Sequence
16:28 How to Import Vector Info into After Effects from Illustrator
22:45 How to Create a Fill Background Color in After Effects
23:32 How to Add Text
27:15 Creating an Animating Mask
28:50 Using Easy Ease to Animate Text
34:41 Adding Motion Blur
35:25 Adding Animation to the Fill and Stroke
39:31 How to Reveal Text with a Mask


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