Logo Design Process for Spy-cam Brand | Part2

In this logo design tutorial, we will be creating a modern and simplified logo. We start with receiving the logo design brief from the client and getting our design specifications. We then adventure through the internet looking for similar design ideas and gathering inspiration. During the process of finding inspiration we look for several things. First, we look for examples of what others have done to get ideas, and also to see what to avoid. We also take note of any good color usage or ideas. The goal here is to gather ideas from multiple sources that we can merge together to create an entirely unique and original modern logo design. We then move into adobe illustrator and start working with a few of our initial logo ideas. After we get to a point where we are pleased with how the logo is designed we move into a revision phase. The revision phase is the most important step in creating a clean modern logo. It helps to step away from the computer for an hour or a day and come back to your work with fresh eyes to see what parts of the logo needs to be changed. After we make the revisions to our logo it’s important that we do it again and again to flush out any mistakes or awkward areas.

How To Design Logo – Spy Cam Lens Design

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Professional Logo Design VOL-2


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