Live UI/UX Design with the Adobe XD Team 2/3

Join Adobe XD lead designers Talin Wadsworth, Danielle Morimoto and special guest Alex Poterek as they choose features submitted by Adobe XD users and start designing solutions in Adobe XD. Today Danielle begins by building a prototype to test workflow interactions and visualize what mind mapping with art boards looks like. Later, Alex joins us to develop a prototype of his own! Tune in to learn about Adobe XD from its designers and listen closely for sneaks & spoilers.


►Project Evolution Prototype:
►Alex’s Prototype:

Built by the community, Adobe XD has an open design methodology making it a personalized and fun experience. If you want to learn how to design at the speed of thought and collaborate with your community members to improve this amazing tool, stick around!

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►Check Adobe XD:
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Intro: 01:00
Recap of day 1: 7:00
Work begins: 11:30
Danielle’s progress update: 56:00
Creative Cloud Libraries workflow: 1:10:00
Overview & conclusion: 1:54:00

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