Live Illustration with Tracie Ching – 1 of 3

Join illustrator and graphic designer Tracie Ching as she develops a beautiful promo illustration for the fictional creativity conference Designer to Designer! Today, Tracie begins outlining and manipulating a detailed illustration based on Roman sculpture in Adobe Illustrator! She will vectorize the image with the pen tool before adding shading and color with different brushes. Stay tuned to learn how Tracie personifies the core values of “create & share” in this beautiful illustration!

Tracie is an illustrator and graphic designer from Washington, DC. She is a self-taught digital artists who specializes in portraiture and is best known for her alternative movie posters! Her previous clients include: 20th Century Fox, Adidas, AMC, CBS, Fortune Magazine, Google, GQ, Marvel, MGM, Redbull, The Guardian, The London Times, TIME and Sony Pictures.


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Into: 1:50
Work begins in Illustrator: 5:00
How to use reference and Tracie’s research process: 12:58
Tracie’s approach to illustrative lines: 23:03
The blend tool and how Tracie uses it: 28:20

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