Live Graphic Design with Annie Hall – 1 of 3

Join graphic designer and photographer Annie Hall on Adobe Live as she designs the visual brand identity for a holographic music festival: Mars Music Festival! Today, Annie will focus developing the festival brand identity before creating the Mars Music Festival logo! Stick around to learn how Annie approaches logo design and brand identity!

Annie is a graphic designer and photographer from Salt Lake City, Utah. With an appreciation for the quiet moments, Annie focuses on capturing and inspiring honesty in her work.


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Intro: 2:05
Brief and plan for the week: 10:25
Work begins: 15:38
Annie’s sketchbook and process: 18:12
Annie’s influences from school vs. learned elsewhere: 50:14
How to find new clients: 52:18
Annie’s process for making mood boards: 1:22:47
How to use the Type on a Path tool: 1:28:07

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie



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