Live Design Critique Main Title Design with Chris Do via Facebook Live

Chris Do gives a live critique and art direction on a spec show title called “Snapshot”. He reviews the work of designer Minhye Cho as she explores a variety of logos, design systems, colors, for a new documentary series on design.

It’s real, raw and unpolished. It’s called Snapshot and coming to you soon.


00:04:35 Snapshot v1 – Logo Critique
00:06:20 Q: How do you know which font/typeface to use?
00:07:24 Design for Scale: Test breaking the logo into two lines
00:08:54 Kerning: Solving spacing issues in creative ways
00:11:45 Visual Context – Agfa / Leica Logo
00:13:04 Why we are making Snapshot
00:16:18 How Graphic design differs from broadcast design and motion graphics
00:17:14 Snapshot v2 – Logo Critique
00:19:58 Increasing Density: Make your logo work within a one-half by one-half inch square.
00:22:36 Story Board – Critique
00:27:54 Q: Would hand-sketching be a better method to experiment with title design?
00:30:55 In order to solve something, you have to know what the solution looks like.
00:33:50 Supercomps vol 1 – Overview
00:41:15 Q: What are the dimensions of this Supercomp / how large?
00:43:17 Creating multiple sequence frames from a Supercomp
00:45:20 How to turn bad client color choices into great design.
00:48:15 Rotating & Fixing Frame sequences
00:53:23 Big & Bold typeface has to be contrasted with lots of detail.
00:54:20 Q: How long did it take Minhye to make these supercomps?
00:56:59 What is OCR-A? – Optical Character Recognition
00:58:33 How to know what fonts to choose in design
00:59:24 Digital Tension – Hiding elements
01:02:00 Tip: Create an element palette
01:05:09 Supercomps vol 2 – Overview
01:08:42 Q: What is a supercomp?
01:14:23 Q: Do you think Gif loops are useful for advertisements?
01:16:25 Q: Is Snapshot an extension of blind or thefutur?
01:19:35 Q: Do you use any special plugins / filters for illustrator?
01:23:49 Video Windows Overview
01:26:17 Contrast is the key ingredient
01:29:35 The Compound Effect: If you take small consistent steps over time, you will have a dramatic result.

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Executive Producer– Chris Do
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Editor– Chris Do, Cheryl Stevens
Show Open– Roy Kang
Futur Theme Music – Adam Sanborne
Annotations– Isaiah Nwukor
SEO— Jacob Campbell


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