Live cocktails at Bar Basso with Maurizio Stocchetto | Virtual Design Festival | Dezeen

VDF goes live to Milan, where Bar Basso owner Maurizio Stocchetto tells the story of the design world’s favourite drinking spot and shows how to mix the bar’s signature cocktail.

Stocchetto will show us how to make a negroni sbagliato, or “mistaken negroni”, a mix that was invented by his father, Mirko Stocchetto, in 1972 when he erroneously added prosecco instead of gin while making the classic cocktail.

The drink has since become a classic in its own right.

Bar Basso became a favourite among the design scene in the 1980s when British designer James Irvine, who had moved to Milan, became a regular at the bar.

Bar Basso is located at Via Plinio 39 in the east of Milan.

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