[email protected]: McKenzie Wark


In another installment of our Live Interview @ Studio-X series, we hosted an informal public discussion with McKenzie Wark, author of Gamer Theory, A Hacker Manifesto, Telesthesia, and (our focus for this April 3rd conversation), The Beach Beneath the Street, a new history of Guy Debord and the Situationist International.

As Wark writes in his introduction, “It’s time to start scheming on how to leave the twenty-first century. The pessimists are right. Things can’t go on as they are. The optimists are also right. Another world is possible.” What we need—and why the Situationists remain so urgently relevant today—is a kind of counter-guide to the city, an abuser’s manual, inspired by the unrealized potential of Situationist practice. We need, in Wark’s words, “low theory,” or “a critical thought indifferent to the institutional forms of the academy or the art world.” This discussion was a brief attempt to begin to speculate with Wark on what form(s) such DIY urban counter-navigation might take.


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