Lightroom White Balance Presets Missing?

Get Lightroom White Balance presets for JPEG Images. In Lightroom, RAW images are already bundled with White Balance presets as it comes unprocessed from the camera. Since JPEG images are already compressed, the only preset available is “Auto”. If you want to have presets from RAW images available in JPEG, you can absolutely do that, this video will show you how.

While you capture images in RAW from your camera, it doesn’t process the image. All the temperature and tint information stays with the image and hence the image size is very large as compared to JPEG. On the other hand, JPEG images are compressed and the camera does all the processing for you. So, it comes out with no information but a ready image.

Though I would recommend that you to capture images in RAW but in case you shoot sports or you happen to have a lot of JPEG images, this way will give you the features of RAW in JPEG. However, there’s a disclaimer. Since in RAW images, each pixel has much more information, the presets on JPEG won’t be as good as they are in RAW. But, they will provide you with a good starting point.

Though white balance eyedropper tool and manual white balance is more custom and can be accurate, in Photography, accuracy is not always the goal, it is an art and hence, white balance is completely subjective. Trying out different presets can not only allow you to go through the different versions of the image but also to lock into the version that you like the most and tweak it to perfection.

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