Lightroom Keywords Explained

Just like hashtags for social media, keywords help you look for your image in Lightroom. Keywording in Lightroom makes it easy for you to keep your images organized and find the right one out of thousands of images in your Lightroom catalog.

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In this video, besides keywording, we’ll also look into what you can do when something goes wrong with your collections which was also discussed in the previous video. We’ll learn what actions you need to take when you accidentally delete or remove photos from Lightroom collections.

Suppose, you are looking for a head shot of a statue, like the one in the thumbnail, and your Lightroom catalog has thousands of images. How will you search it? That’s where keywording comes into play. If you select the image and tag or keyword that as, say: statue, portrait, face etc. The next time you use the find/search option in lightroom and type statue, all the pictures that you had keyworded as statue will appear. But, if you type ‘face’ or ‘portrait’ along with statue. That particular image will pop up.

If you think keywording will take a lot of time, don’t you worry. You don’t need to keyword all your images. You just need to keyword your best shots, the shots that you care about. We learnt how to keep all your best shots in one place in the previous video.

Creating collections in itself is a great way to keep your images organized, and keywording takes it to a whole another level.


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