Libby Heaney plays Hivemind

Follow along as artist and quantum physicist Libby Heaney explores the virtual game world of Hivemind with arebyte’s Rebecca Edwards (Curator) and Nimco Kulmiye (Producer), accompanied by Serpentine’s Eva Jäger (Arts Technologies Curator) as the Orb.

Hivemind is a knowledge game developed by the Berlin-based collective Trust, designed to be a tool for artists to navigate and discuss their research in a playful, nonlinear way. For this episode, Heaney modified the game to reflect the properties of quantum mechanics.

Libby Heaney Plays Hivemind was originally live streamed via Serpentine’s Twitch on 16 August 2022.

Libby Heaney Plays Hivemind was produced by Serpentine Arts Technologies and R&D Platform in collaboration with Libby Heaney, Trust and arebyte Gallery.

Hivemind is the 2021 Arts Technologies Commission by Trust. To download and play Hivemind yourself visit

Hivemind by Trust members Calum Bowden, Will Freudenheim and Joanna Pope

3D Artwork by Seamus Edson with modifications for this episode concepted by Libby Heaney and designed by Will Freudenheim and Seamus Edson.

Curated and presented by Libby Heaney, Rebecca Edwards, Nimco Kulmiye and Eva Jäger

Produced by Eva Jäger, Róisín McVeigh, and Will Freudenheim

Production support by Alex Boyes

Moderation by Róisín McVeigh, Tamar Clarke-Brown, and Alex Boyes

Development by Will Freudenheim

Twitch UI and 2D design by Roxy Zeiher

Camera Operation by Florence Creffield

Special thanks to Serpentine Arts Technologies Technical Manager Ralph Pritchard

Live captions by Nicola Dutton on behalf of StageText



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