Let's talk Lumion 11! And how to use it in an Architecture workflow

Learn more about Lumion here:

I’ve never talked about Lumion before here on the channel, so in today’s video let’s talk about it! What do I think about Lumion? Is it worth using it as part of your workflow? And what are the new features in Lumion 11?

Lumion has improved a lot since I first got to know it. I always thought Lumion renders had that game-like look that I wasn’t very fond of. But with these newer versions, I’ve started to look at this render engine with different eyes and Lumion is pretty fantastic now.

Let’s talk over the comments section!

0:00 Intro
0:20 Let’s talk Lumion
1:28 Lumion as a renderer and not as a main software
2:58 Good things x Bad things
6:00 New features in Lumion 11

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