Let’s Go Fresco with Kyle T. Webster: Introduction to Adobe Fresco (Pt. 1)

Get started with Adobe Fresco in this new series from Adobe Live, hosted by Kyle T. Webster, designer of the Fresco brushes. In the first episode, Kyle will walk you through all the basics to get you on your way to drawing and painting in this powerful app!

Kyle T. Webster is a Sr. Design Evangelist at Adobe based in North Carolina: https://www.behance.net/kyletwebster/

Join us LIVE on Behance: https://www.behance.net/adobelive
00:00 Start
4:15 Browsing Fresco’s home screen
5:23 How to find Fresco’s new and upcoming features
7:40 The Fresco Learn tab
8:40 Creating a new document
10:20 Going over the toolbar
11:35 Using the Pencil Brush
12:15 Layers Panel
13:15 How to Undo and Redo
14:28 Browsing the Eraser Panel
15:10 Touch Modifier Ring
21:10 Using the Selection Tool
24:22 How to make a perfect circle
26:03 Fresco’s Pixel Brushes
28:02 How to download Kyle Webster’s brushes in Fresco
34:28 Smoothing
39:25 Live Brushes
45:48 What is a vector?
52:00 Smudge brushes


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