Legal Lab Live: Indigenous Sovereignty in the Metaverse

How can the metaverse support Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property, sovereign rights and custodianship?

What are the challenges faced by Indigenous-led creative practices within persistent, concurrent, virtual contexts?

The metaverse – an always-online, persistent, spatial ‘second’ world and an emerging internet megastructure – is a landscape Serpentine Arts Technologies continues to interrogate through artistic commissions and culturally-led research and development. Under the leadership of Serpentine Legal Lab’s Principal Investigator, Alana Kushnir, legal issues in the metaverse concerning intellectual property, moral rights and Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) are ongoing areas of discussion. Addressing these considerations is key to securing the future roles of both artists and cultural organisations in the metaverse.

This live event was presented by Alana Kushnir and Cultural Broker Vanessa Lee Ah-Mat on 20 October 2022 on @serpentineUK’s Twitch at 22:00 BST. It is the second of a series of Legal Lab Lives that have been created to explore legal pinch points associated with creative production within Metaverse infrastructure.

Curated by Alana Kushnir and Vanessa Lee Ah-Mat
Produced by Alex Boyes and Alana Kushnir
Moderation by Roisin McVeigh
UI and 2D Design by Roxy Zeiher
Special thanks to Serpentine’s Arts Technologies Technical Manager Ralph Pritchard
Live captions provided by Jean Gough on behalf of Stagetext



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