League Prize 2015: Erin Besler

The Architectural League Prize 2015
Besler & Sons
Erin Besler

Erin Besler founded Los Angeles-based Besler & Sons in 2014 with an interest in the space between disciplinary and practical problems. Her work “references and reuses things that are already in circulation” in order to re-think existing problems in architecture and find new means of material management.

In her League Prize lecture, titled “Under Construction,” Besler presents four recent projects, beginning with an exploration of the architectural mock-up and its translation from digital to built form in an exhibition of a series of walls called The Entire Situation. The video project Along the Resolution Frontier traces the boundary or edge condition between pixelated flatness and abstracted form of Google’s effort to model the surface of the earth, interrogating differences between multiple resolutions of the same thing.

A proposal for the MoMA PS1’s Young Architects Program takes the museum’s existing roof and refits it to the courtyard space, creating a new social space for multiple forms of engagement while offering a “zero waste” plan for building the installation. These projects explore disruption, representation, and translation from concept to built form — or, “what happens [architects] get specific about things we’re not supposed to care about?”

For more information, visit archleague.org/LP15


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