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Hiroshi Hara’s monumental Kyoto Station features in the latest short movie by architecture video blogger Martin van der Linden, as part of his contribution to Virtual Design Festival.

Dutch architect Van der Linden came to Japan from Europe to work on the huge complex, which was completed in 1997 and is the second-largest station in Japan.

“In 1992 it was the second time that I came to Japan,” says Van der Linden as he revisits the building. “And it was the time I started working for Japanese architect Hiroshi Hara.”

The glass-and-steel building was commissioned to celebrate the 1,200th anniversary of the founding of Kyoto and replaced the former station that had burned down.

“And what I was doing was working on this building here: the Kyoto Station,” Van der Linden adds. “We started off making a model out of the whole structure. I made the model out of cardboard. It took me almost three weeks to complete it.”

The 15-storey station contains a hotel, a shopping mall and a cinema as well as platforms for multiple rail lines, including Shinkansen (“bullet train”) services to Tokyo.

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