KATIE MACDONALD: After Specification

Summer Design Institute Lecture Series 2020

Katie MacDonald is Cofounder of After Architecture and the 2019-2020 Tennessee Architecture Fellow at the University of Tennessee. MacDonald holds a Master of Architecture from Harvard University where she received the Paul M. Heffernan Travel Grant and a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University. She is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the UVA School of Architecture, starting fall 2020.

The tropes of modernism are entangled with industrial production and standardized building materials, a legacy still largely intact. The environmental impacts of such materials, which embed waste and carbon in their production, are severe. New ethics and technologies enable a restructured relationship between material supplies/construction methods and architecture/design processes. Shared authorship models and computational design enable the intelligent utilization of material irregularity, behavior, and other conventional limitations. This talk proposes methods to transform traditional design authorship into a mediation between biology, technology, and human intention.