Job Smeets claims he is "under house arrest" following theft of £5 million gold toilet

Designer Job Smeets has issued a spoof video claiming police will not let him leave his home after the disappearance of a solid-gold artwork by his friend Maurizio Cattelan.

Smeets sent the video to Warsaw Home, a trade fair in Poland where he had been due to give a lecture today. 

Titled “Where the hell is Job Smeets!” the video features Smeets surrounded by objects created by his Studio Job brand.

“I can’t be with you today,” Smeets says in the video. “You might have been told that I’m in New York now but I feel that I have to tell you the real truth.”

“Last week we were at an opening in London of a really good friend of mine, the artist Maurizio Cattelan,” he continues. “And at the end of the opening, a £5 million gold toilet got stolen.”

The toilet, titled America, was part of an exhibition of Cattelan’s work that opened at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire last month.

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