Joan Fitzgerald

Lecture by Joan Fitzgerald

Greenovation is setting aggressive climate goals with a strategy and accountability for achieving them. It is about linking environmental goals with equity and economic development. The importance of these linkages has intensified in the last six months with the realization of COVID-19’s impact on communities of color and the rise of Black Lives Matter in response to the murder of George Floyd. This talk will use the strategies from the book to explore how cities can transform climate action into climate justice and to discuss which cities are leading the way.

Joan Fitzgerald is a Professor of Urban and Public Policy at Northeastern University. She focuses on urban climate action and strategies for linking it to equity, economic development, and innovation. In her fourth book, Greenovation: Urban Leadership on Climate Change (Oxford Univ. Press, 2020), she argues that the climate strategies of too many cities represent random acts of greenness rather than integrated and aggressive action. She points to leading cities in North America and Europe and offers strategies for lagging cities to accelerate their action. Her ongoing Climate Just Cities Project examines strategies for post-Covid urban climate action to place equity at the forefront. She blogs on inequality and urban climate action on Planetizen.

Organized by the Columbia GSAPP MSUP program as part of the Lectures in Planning Series.

Free and open to the public. Virtual events hosted on Zoom Webinar do not require an account to attend.




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