Jewish Life In The City: Helen Thomas, Adam Khan, Kaat Verdickt, Alain Teitelbaum & Tom Stebbing

Featuring voices from both Antwerp and London, this discussion between architects and architectural historians addresses the presence of the Jewish communities in both cities. Speakers include Adam Teilelbaum who discusses the evolution of Antwerp’s Diamond Quarter; Adam Khan and Tom Stebbing who are designing buildings for the Hassidic Jewish community in North London and Kaat Verdickt, an architectural historian who is researching the work Jewish architects in Antwerp in the early twentieth century.

All the projects discussed in the series are located on an interactive Googlemap available here:

In the first of a series of online seasons addressing the development of particular cities, the Architecture Foundation and Brickworks Vande Moortel present a series of films focussed on the Belgian city of Antwerp. The season, which has been developed with support from the Flemish Architecture Institute and Flanders House, will comprise films about recent buildings in Antwerp as well as issues of city-wide concern.

Brickworks Vande Moortel was established in 1864 in the Scheldt Valley in Oudenaarde. Today it is more active than ever at the same location. Guided by the Vande Moortel family, the company has grown to become an important manufacturer at the top line of facing bricks and is the Belgian market leader in clay pavers. Throughout its long history, Brickworks Vande Moortel has always integrated the latest technologies. It was one of the first manufacturers to launch ecological formats at 7 cm on a large scale, and was the first European manufacturer to produce Class A and A+ clay pavers. By acting proactively as a manufacturer, Vande Moortel still meets the needs of the current market. You can find out more information at

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