JCHS Symposium: “AGING + PLACE: Designing Housing and Communities for an Aging Population” Part 2

With the wave of baby boomers reaching retirement age, America’s older population is in the midst of unprecedented growth. Ensuring that older adults have the housing they need to enjoy high-quality, independent, and financially secure lives has thus taken on new urgency – for individuals and their families, for communities, and for the nation as a whole. And the US is not alone: older populations are rapidly expanding around the world. Innovative housing designs and age-friendly public infrastructure are increasingly needed to support those aging in their communities. In conjunction with the release of our new report, Housing America’s Older Adults, join us as we host a half-day event to discuss opportunities in architecture, planning, and policy to enhance older adults’ well-being through affordable, accessible, well-connected housing, as well as through models of long-term care that support aging in place.


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