Jay G Ying, Requiem – The Understory of the Understory

The Shape of a Circle in the Mind of a Fish: The Understory of the Understory
5th & 6th December 2020
Online at themind.fish

The Understory of the Understory is the fourth instalment in an ongoing series of festivals on consciousness and intelligence across species, part of the Serpentine’s General Ecology project. With The Understory of the Understory, we go to that place which is simultaneously ground, land, soil and Earth, that is to say, the place where diverse species come together, collaborate, communicate and constitute one another but also where complex systems of redistribution of toxicity, logics of extraction and geopolitics meet.

Jay G Ying is a writer and MFA student at Brown University. His debut poetry pamphlet Wedding Beasts was shortlisted for the Saltire-Calum MacDonald Memorial Award, and his second pamphlet Katabasis is a winner of the 2019 New Poets Prize. He is an editor for The White Review and Asymptote.




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