Jaguar clay modelling at Clerkenwell Design Week 2012

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In this movie we filmed at Clerkenwell Design Week in May 2012, clay modeller for car brand Jaguar Charles Douglas tells Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs how he turns a designer’s sketch into a 3D form that can be scanned for manufacture.

Speaking in the Farmiloe Building, Douglas explains how he uses an armature milled to 50 millimetres lower than the intended finished surface of the clay as a guide to sculpt to the correct level.

He demonstrates how he uses a slick tool to work the clay in different directions to achieve the perfect shape and thickness.

Although there is a certain amount of craft and creativity in his role, Douglas says that he is restricted by “engineering points all around the bonnet and crash points on the bumper,” as well as other control points because “you’ve got to get an engine in there and you’ve got to get in and out”.

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