Inside a Peaceful House That Is Connected to Nature (House Tour)

Double Bay House III is a pragmatic and peaceful house tailored to suit family living. In transforming the traditional family home into an inspired modern form, the residence simultaneously embraces both connectivity and separation within. TKD Architects creates a deeply considered, highly functional and sophisticated dwelling.

Located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Double Bay House III benefits from its purposeful site located at the southeast corner of the block. Designing the home in this way celebrates its front garden and privately welcomes an abundance of natural light. Sitting across from a park and being surrounded by trees, the new form’s intention was to respect the surrounding landscape and make the most of the natural elements on site, creating a functional, peaceful home for a young family.

The home’s materiality is defined by a sense of harmony and calm, enriched by smooth lines and an ever-present play of light. The external curvature of the peaceful house extends to the rounded stone that dominates the interior, relaying a sense of peace.

Natural light is welcomed through form, cut-outs, skylights and a positioning of glass elements to ensure the right amount of light enters the home at the right time. On the western side of the peaceful house, there are screens that open and close and the perforations of those elements are graded. The elements facing the setting sun have fewer holes, whilst those facing the north-western sun have a larger number of holes; the dappled light entering through them is therefore both a beautiful and functional sight to behold.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the home’s design is its approach to connection – to family living and the landscape. There is a strong visual connection to the surrounding greenery, with views extending to the tree canopy, garden and park whilst retaining a sense of privacy through orientation and screens. The formation of the peaceful house welcomes connection whilst also enabling a sense of separation. For example, the fireplace from Stoke Fireplace Studio divides the living and lounge room but also nurtures connectivity as a centrepiece of the living space as one looks through it.

Double Bay House III proposes a new way of family living, one that is grounded in connection – with the family, the rooms and the landscape – but also one that allows for separation between these elements. Approaching family living in a simple yet innovative way, the resulting home is profoundly cohesive, peaceful and serves as an oasis for the individual as well as the family unit.

00:00 – Introduction to the Peaceful House
00:37 – The View and the Location
01:20 – A Brief for a Young Family
01:56 – Focusing on the Curves
02:22 – The Site and its Surrounds
02:56 – A Minimalistic Programme
03:11 – Playing with the Natural Light
04:05 – A Crossover of the Architecture and Interior Design
04:29 – The Feature Fireplace
06:05 – A Walkthrough of the Home
07:58 – Favourite Aspects of the Home

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Photography by Tom Ferguson.
Architecture by TKD Architects.
Interior Design by TKD Architects.
Build by Richard Crookes Constructions.
Styling by TKD Architects.
Landscape Design by Dangar Barin Smith.
Engineering by Floth.
Structural and Hydraulic Engineering by Northrop.
Geotechnical Engineering by Douglas Partners.
Filmed and Edited by The Local Project.
Production by The Local Project.

The Local Project acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners of the land in Australia. We recognise the importance of First Nations peoples in the identity of our country and continuing connections to Country and community. We pay our respect to Elders, past and present, and extend that respect to all First Nations people of these lands.

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