Inside a Fashion Photographers Dream Home Designed For Family Living (House Tour)

Immersed in a leafy plateau and enriched by an Australian modernist theme, Plateau Project centres on creating a journey that connects each space in the dream home. As such, when renovating what was a small, bygone house, Rama Architects sought to create a dream home for a family with spaces that are separate but consciously connected through its architecture, textures and a simple material palette.

Perched high in Bilgola Plateau in Sydney’s northern beaches, a raked ceiling delivers expansive views over bushland and Pittwater, with solid timber doors and windows framing the view. Neighbouring the leafy expanse of Angophora Reserve, the client hoped to achieve a sense of anonymity and retreat. The dwelling was designed for fashion photographer Georges Antoni and his partner, and Georges reflects, “the whole idea… was about facilitating an amazing location and foundation for my children and family to spend time together.”

Thomas Martin, director at Rama Architects and the architect for Plateau Project, notes “the inspiration for the house started with an Australian modernism theme, which we can see in the architecture of the large living room and expression of the rafters.” As such, the dream home plays with curves and lines, and confinement and expanse in its interior design.

A sense of journey is tangible throughout the architecture of the dream home, becoming immediately apparent as you enter – a winding cavernous hallway greets you, curving around and leading to a dramatic reveal of soaring ceilings and exposed rafters. Thomas reflects, “everywhere you look, there is a glimpse or a tease into the next space.” You will then see a turret with brick and masonry walls and a sculptural steel handrail leading upstairs to the sleeping quarters, a courtyard and a pool area. Nourishing this sense of journey and maintaining connectivity between the rooms relates to Rama Architect’s modernist approach that form follows function. “We need to make the house functional as a priority, as opposed to it looking good,” says Thomas.

The materiality of the home’s interior design is defined by a simple yet evocative approach. Bespoke aerated concrete, MicroCrete, and Bauwerk paint on bricks feature throughout and art, furniture and decor are kept simple and modern. An abundance of natural light reflects on soft MicroCrete floors and walls, creating warmth alongside the raw concrete ceilings. Similarly, vein-cut travertine benchtops feature in the kitchen of the dream home. “The travertine adds character to the kitchen – almost art in itself – and being quite warm-toned, it was a nice balance between the otherwise light finishes within the house,” says Thomas. Georges also notes, “the textural palette was more important than the colour palette of this house.“

Another central feature of the dream home’s allure is the fireplace from Stoke. Georges explains, “one of the key considerations when we chose the MODE Tall Gas Fireplace from Stoke is that we had to use gas fireplaces as we reside in a BAL-FZ flame zone.” As well as adding warmth and a cosy ambience to the main living room, the fireplace creates a sense of drama. “As you walk into the living room, you are greeted with a really tall space, and the fireplace accentuates that height,” says Thomas.

Playing with materials, shape and volume, Plateau Project is robust yet soft, bold yet light, confined yet open – this marrying of opposites creating a sense of cohesion and fluidity. As such, Rama Architects nourishes a sense of flow between spaces that results in a functional and melodic family home.

00:00 – Introduction to the Dream Home
00:51 – A Family Focused Brief
01:48 – The Inspiration for the Home
02:23 – Implementing Form Follows Function
03:08 – Key Features of the Home
03:56 – The Material and Textural Palette
05:02 – Proud Moments

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Photography by Georges Antoni.
Architecture by Rama Architects.
Fireplace by Stoke.
Filmed and Edited by Emble Studio.
Production by The Local Project.

Location: Bilgola Plateau, New South Wales, Australia

The Local Project acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners of the land in Australia. We recognise the importance of Indigenous peoples in the identity of our country and continuing connections to Country and community. We pay our respect to Elders, past and present and extend that respect to all Indigenous people of these lands.

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