In Conversation: Kate Raworth and Janine Benyus

Doughnut economics creator Kate Raworth and Janine Benyus – a biologist and leading figure in biomimetic design – discuss how starting from the whole can allow us to build systems and structures that help us to thrive.

This conversation was originally presented at Equilibrium, a public gathering held on 9 July at the Serpentine Pavilion. Equilibrium brought together interdisciplinary artists, campaigners and thinkers to address questions of environmental justice and the role of culture in creating it, part of Radical Ecology x Back to Earth Live.

Curator, Radical Ecology, Ashish Ghadiali, Lucia Pietroiusti
Producer, Holly Shuttleworth
Cinematography, Will Hazell & Arushi Chugh
Sound Recordist, Cathy Marriott-Brown
Editor, Guy Wigmore



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