Improve Your Typography: Poster Design Critique


How to improve your layouts. Best practices for poster design. Learning the fundamentals of graphic design. Tips and tricks for improving your designs. Learn the basics of good typography.

05:28 MailBag
10:35 Helvetica – 60th Anniversary typeface poster critique
24:47 How to abstract, compose, and arrange design elements
33:40 Even if a design is simple, you still have to make it interesting.
34:04 Learn to fly – typography poster critique
35:35 Control Contrast & Hierarchy: Pay attention to the relationships between text elements.
38:30 If you are going to use a mockup, use one that is simple and not distracting
39:20 Box Retro – poster design critique
39:55 Start with your gut feelings about the design and narrow down what you don’t like about the design
55:00 Use lines to make elements feel grouped visually
1:06:25 Use clean typefaces and few point sizes
1:08:08 Collapse – poster design critique
1:14:13 Free up negative space by scaling elements down
1:19:20 The grid helps you to keep elements connected to each other
1:23:30 How you use the grid and make elements relate to each other is more important than the grid itself.
1:24:50 Help Nigeria exit – poster design critique
1:35:20 There is no drug better than creativity – poster design critique
1:35:55 Find your personality – poster design critique
1:38:32 The Howard Smith Wharves – poster design critique
1:42:22 CAC Goes to Tarutung – poster design critique
1:49:45 Summary & Outro

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