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Today a very quick but helpful graphic design video titled the Illustrator guide offset path tool. I will show you in a matter of minutes how to create an invisible stroke around a shape by using the offset path tool in Illustrator. You will be able to adjust the settings and set as many strokes as you want, offsetting their path away from the edge of the shape.
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Welcome back to another graphic design tips video. Today just a quick tutorial with the offset path tool in Illustrator. It’s simple quick and effective, you’ll wonder how you never knew about the offset path tool in Illustrator prior to this tips video.

In this Illustrator guide we first must select the shape tool you want to use, I will use an ellipse tool to make a circle. To make it symmetrical hold down shift and click and drag. With the shape highlighted click the stroke panel and add your stroke. You can adjust the thickness of the stroke at the top of our Illustrator page.

From the point of making the shape I show you where to open the appearances window which will allow you to select the offset path option to your stroke. You can adjust the gap of the invisible stroke and how much you want to offset the path around the shape here.

I already have videos on how to make a stroke in Illustrator which you can find in playlist below, but I wanted to make an Illustrator guide based solely on how to offset path for a stroke around a shape.

The tutorial is very straight forward and simple to follow, step by step you will learn how to offset the path of a stroke around any shape with ease. It is not a complicated tool to master in Illustrator, and once you know how to do it you should not forget.

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