Illustrator CURVE Pen Tool Tutorial ((CREATIVE))

The Illustrator curve pen tool, there aren’t too many designers who know about or use the curve tool in Illustrator, but in todays Illustrator tutorial, I am going to show you not only how to use it, but in what kind of designs it is useful in. Also a the tail end of the curve pen tool tutorial, some bonus effects on making vector bubble lettering.

So have you ever used the Illustrator curve pen tool? Do you even know what it is!? Hopefully after watching todays curve pen tool tutorial in Illustrator, you will have a better understanding of what the tool is, and what uses it actually has.
I must admit, I haven’t been using this tool for very long, but I now see why it has some use, and why it is a tool addition to the Illustrator tool menu. You do not need to fuss around with handles as you would with the pen tool, and the curve tool is more for free hand curves, when creating digital art or a design that is not meant to be super accurate and on point with the paths being made.

So do you think you will be using the curve pen tool in Illustrator for any forthcoming designs? I’m interested to hear about your thoughts on this tool, and if you will be using it in your graphic design workflow.

If you found this Illustrator curve pen tool tutorial enjoyable or useful, let me know in the comments section and drop a like on your way out. Subscribe to stay updated to all of my uploads and until next time, design your future today, peace

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