Illustration Masterclass: Minimalist Holiday Card Art

#digitalart #arteducation #photoshop
Join Kyle T. Webster for a holiday episode of Illustration Masterclass! Kyle will walk you through his process of creating a series of minimalist holiday card illustrations using Photoshop.
00:00 Start
01:15 Minimalist greeting cards
02:22 How to get brushes for PS – Kyle’s Winter Brush set
04:59 Demoing brushes – simple shapes for illustrations
09:49 Adding lettering and visually centering
14:32 Minimalist snowman – duplicating assets
16:23 Demo of the Drifter brush
22:45 Multiple versions of the snowman – selection tools
27:46 Handling contrast issues – snowman details
30:54 Hand lettering the snowman card
34:14 Adding noise to help with banding
37:36 Minimal Skiing greeting card – adding stylized trees
46:38 Minimal Bell greeting card – simple shapes
48:58 Using masks – texturing the the Bell
55:11 Recap and wrap up


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